vt.1.宣告,宣布,声明 2.显示
prodigy n.奇才,天才(尤指神童)
productive a.1.多产的,富饶的 2.富有成效的
productivity n.生产力,生产率
profess vt.1.表示,承认 2.宣称信仰

proficiency n.熟练,精通
profitable a.有利可图的,有益的
profound a.1.深度的,深切的,深远的 2.知识渊博的,见解深刻的 3.深奥的
proliferate vi.激增,扩散,(迅速)繁殖,增生
prolong vt.延长,拉长,拖延

promising a.有希望的,有前途的
prone a.1.(to)易于……的,很可能……的 2.俯卧的
prop vt.支撑 n.1.支柱,支撑物 2.支持者,后盾,靠山
prop up 支持,资助
propaganda n.宣传

propagate vt.1.繁殖,增殖 2.传播,宣传,使普及 vi.繁殖,增殖
propel vt.1.推进,推动 2.激励,驱使
prophecy n.预言,预言能力
prophet n.1.先知 2.预言者
proposition n.1.论点,主张 2.建议,提案 3.命题

prose n.散文
prosecute vt.1.对……提起公诉,告发,检举 2.继续从事 vi.起诉,告发

A Proficiency Prophet  
 Our boss was a prophet for proficiency. When he proclaimed the merits of improving productivity and making the company more profitable he spoke in such prose that hecould have propagated anything and we would have followed. Whatever he professed was said in such a profound manner thatwe were all immediately propelled to be more productive. And his prophecies were all true. His propaganda helped prolong the sucess of our company before its promising future came to a sudden halt. Our boss was prosecuted with propping up our company as a cover for child smuggling.
  This only happened because police had caught our boss addcpting a proposition from an undercover policeman to kidnap the prodigy of the mayor of our city. The crime had never happened, but the damage had been done. We had lost our boss, the prophet, the hero and the company was devastated. All of us who had proliferated the proclamations of our boss could only shake our heads in disbelief. We could not believe that such a strong person would be involved with such an evil business at the same time as he was doing such a good job at building our company. Only a few of us connected the fact that our boss was prone to accept challenges. If he thought something couldn't be done, then he would try it. But our company had still been a prop for his illegal activities, and we had all been fooled!

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