rave vi.1.胡言乱语,说胡话 2.(about)极力赞美 a.赞扬(性)的
razor n.剃刀
reap vt.1.收割,收获 2.获得,得到
reassure vt.向……再保证,使消除疑虑,使放心
rebellion n.反叛,反抗

rebuke n.指责,训斥
recede vi.1.退,退去,渐渐远去 2.向后倾斜,缩进
receptive a.(对知识、思想等)接受能力强的,能迅速接受的
recess n.1.(工作等)暂停,休息,休庭 2.课间休息 2.凹处,凹室,壁龛 2.[常pl.]深处,幽深处,隐秘处
recipe n.1.烹饪法,食谱 2.方法,秘诀,诀窍

recipient n.接受者,接收者
reciprocal a.相互的,互惠的
recite vt.1.背诵,朗诵 2.列举,一一说出 vi.背诵,朗诵
reckless a.鲁莽的,草率的,不考虑后果的
reclaim vt.1.改正,改造 2.开垦(荒地),开拓 3.回收 4.要求(或主张)收回,要求(或主张)恢复

reconcile vt.1.使协调 2.使和解 3.(to)使顺从(于),使甘心(于)
reconciliation n.和解,调和
rectangle n.长方形,矩形
rectangular a.长方形的,矩形的
rectify vt.纠正,修复

recur vi.再发生,重现

  After his parents' last rebuke Jack's rebellion became worse. It seemed that there was nothing they could do to rectify the situation or reconcile with him. Fights kept recurring. They tried to be receptive to his needs, but when he recited a long list of changes he wanted at home they reassured him that they were not acceptable. Then he raved on that they never took him seriously about anything he wanted. That was when it became clear that their chances for reconciliation were receding. He had the reciprocal feeling and left to begin a reckless life trying to reap his own rewards out of life.
  It was a recipe for disaster that ended with Jack taking a razor to his own wrist. At the hospital his parents saw the rectangular pattern of needle scars on Jack's arm and wept that they had not been able to reclaim their relationship with him before he tried to kill himself. When he awoke it was as if they were on recess from fighting, none of them wanted that ever again.
  Standing together later with his sister also in the room, the rectangle that the four of them made when they hugged felt like it would never break. As the doctor came in they were even happier to hear that Jack was the recipient of a special scholarship to get care for his depression. Maybe they would finally be a family again.

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