Tantalus was the rich and mighty king of LydiaSon of Zeus by a fairy maidenhe was greatly favored by the godsHe was invited to share wine and food with them at their banquetsand he was let into their secrets But ever the latter end of joy is woe Either because he had stolen wine or gave away the secrets of Zeusor because he had become so proud as to test the gods by serving up the flesh of his son Pelops to themhe incurred the wrath of Zeus and was hurled down to the everlasting darkness of tartarus There he was made to stand up to his chin in a little lakewith clusters of luscious fruits hanging over and around his headHe strove eternally to drink the ever-evading water and to clutch at the delicious fruits which were ever tossed out of his reach by blasts of windThus he was doomed to endure endless burning thirst and bitter hunger in the world of the shadesThe whole occurrence has given rise to the expression“tantalizing”meaning something in plain view but unattainable



2.echo:回声 narcissus:水仙

Narcissus was a handsome youthHis lovely face and graceful form were the admiration of all who looked upon himAnd he knew itHe was proud that he thought no one but himself was worthy to see his youthful beautyThus given up tosweet thoughts of selfnarcissus avoided all companyHeroamed the wooded little valleys every daymadly in love withhimself

When he was delightfully wandering through the woods onedaya wood fairy maidenecho by namecaught sight of himShe was excited at oncejoyfully coming down towards narcissusshe stretched out her loving armsTo her dismayhoweverthe young man roughly brushed her aside and went by without so much as a glance at herThe poor fairy maiden''s face turned red and quickly withdrew to a shady spot following the object of her love with her longing eyes

Presently narcissus stopped to drink from a little streamKneeling down on the bankhe saw a lovely face in the clear waterhis heart gave a beatHe smiled and was smiled back toThinking that it must be a maiden in love with himhe bent down to kiss herAnd her lips also drew near hisBut as soon a she touched the clear surface the lovely face disappearedThe angry youth was now desperateNever had he been looked downupon like that beforeDay and nighthe stayed at the stream without drinking and eatingBefore long he diednever suspecting that his maiden was just his own image in the streamthe gods took pity on the fair dead body and turned it into a flower bearing his name

The intoxicated echo saw all thisSlowly she became weak for despised loveuntil at last nothing remained of her except her voice