BEC《新编剑桥商务英语(初级)学生用书(第三版)》 节目每晚21:00更新 点击查看大图 Hints: none 本节目请使用英式拼写 :o)[!--audio--]Now I would like to turn to the final section of the report. As you can see, last year was an excellent year in production. The first two quarters were rather slow, but as a result of new orders from Asia, our production rose dramatically in the third and fourth quarter. This situation was reflected, of course, in our sales for last year. We started the year in a strong position, but in the second quarter worldwide sales fell sharply. This was a result of the high price of oil. However, as I mentioned earlier, new orders from Asia meant that sales went up to their previous level by the end of the year. Looking now at the share price, I am delighted to announce that last year was also an excellent year in this respect. The share price rose steadily for the first two quarters, and it remained steady at its maximum for the rest of the year. All in all, last year was a very positive year.下面我来介绍报告的最后一部分,正如你们看到的,去年的生产效益非常好。前两季度增长缓慢,但是由于亚洲订单的新增,我们三四季度的生产大幅提高。这种情况当然是受我们去年销售的影响,年初的形势很好,但是油价过高导致二季度全球销售额迅速下降。不过,如我先前提及的,亚洲的新增订单促使年底的销售回到了之前的水平。请看我们的股价,我非常高兴向大家宣布,在此方面去年也是极好的一年。前两季度股价稳步增长,并且下半年一直保持着高位。总而言之,去年的情况非常乐观。 (shoellen)