BEC《新编剑桥商务英语(初级)学生用书(第三版)》 节目每晚21:00更新 点击查看大图 Hints: Portugal Joao da Silva Aveiro the European Union Mandelson Tulip Dagmar Rasmussen The European Trade Commissioner 00:20 有一处破折号 本节目请使用英式拼写 :o)[!--audio--]The crisis over clothing imports is still hitting the headlines, and we spoke to some of the people involved. In Portugal, Joao da Silva owns a small factory in Aveiro. Look, I can't see any problem with these import controls. The European Union should protect European industry - people like me and my factory workers. We can't produce clothing at the prices the Chinese charge. I employ a small number of people, it's true, but they depend on me. Where else could they work around here? My message to Mr Mandelson is this: stop the Chinese imports, support European producers. But it's a different message from the retail clothing chain Tulip. Listen to what Dagmar Rasmussen has to say. We in the retail trade really think we should import garments from China, or from Malaysia, or from any country that can supply us at a good price. Why should the European Union tell us where and how to do business? We are not at all happy with this situation. Our shops could be almost completely empty next week. What are we going to say to our customers? The European Trade Commissioner should act at once, and permit the clothes to leave the warehouses and to stock our shops. Really, this can't go on!现在服装进口危机仍然是头条新闻,我们来了解一下相关人士的看法。来自葡萄牙的乔·达·希尔瓦在阿威罗有一家小工厂。 我觉得这些进口管制没有任何问题,欧盟应当保护欧洲的产业——保护像我和我的工人这样的人。我们不能生产像中国那样价格的服装。我的雇员不多,这是事实,但是他们要依靠我。他们还能去别的什么地方呢?我给曼德森先生的信件内容是:停止进口中国产品,支持欧洲生产方。 但是服装零售连锁“郁金香”有不同的观点,来听听达格玛·拉斯姆森怎么说的。 就零售贸易来说,我们确实需要从中国、马来西亚或者从其他能价格合理的国家进口。为什么要欧盟告诉我们怎么做生意?我们对现在这种情况很不满意,店铺下周几乎要断货了。我们要怎么和顾客解释呢?欧盟贸易专员必须立刻行动,允许仓库内的服装进入店铺。真的,不能这样下去了! (shoellen)