New mom Miranda Kerr praises her husband Orlando Bloom for his expert parenting skills. You won't believe the extreme length he went to while she was in labor. Hey I'm Lauren and this is Popsugar Rush.

He's incredible. He's a great dad. He's very hands-on. He's always helping, you know, with everything. So I feel very lucky.

Victoria's Secret's supermodel Miranda Kerr has high praised for her husband and new dad Orlando Bloom. Miranda played host for a special Victoria's Secret Bombshell Beauty event in L.A. yesterday and she looked perfectly dressed for the poolside party in her Baby Blue mini-dress and heels by Balenciaga. Popsugar was there for the daytime celebration as Miranda sweetly spoke about how she's loving her life as a new mom.
I talked with Miranda about her new baby Flynn and what surprised her most about her pregnancy.

The amount of pain that it was actually during labor. I was a bit surprised by that because I decided to have no drugs and to have a completely natural birth. So I was quite, you know, I was like, really? Is this painful?

But Miranda did not have to suffer through the pain of labor alone. She appeared on Conan last night where she flaunted her sexy post baby body in a skin-tightening dress and she revealed that Orlando stayed by her side during her labor for every single minute of the entire 27 hours literally.

He was there every moment by my side. I mean, I never even let him go to the bathroom.
That seems extreme.

Yeah, he had to pee in a bottle.


I made him pee in a bottle.

He couldn't leave the room so had to pee into a bottle?


OK, that's not a good thing for the baby to see when it first comes out.

Clearly Orlando is a very very devoted husband. The young family already has quite the jet-set life and they even bringing their Flynn from coast to coast and even to France for Miranda's fashion shows. But they'll soon be taking a vacation. Miranda revealed that three of them have plans to take a trip to her home country of Australia this summer.