Flowers, with their bright colours and unique shapes, are a wonder of the nature. They make the world a beautiful place. Be it the much known rose or the lesser known orchids, flowers are always mesmerizing. Let us look at some of the most beautiful and strange flowers that adorn the world around us.


10. Bleeding Heart


Bleeding Heart Strange Flowers
The flower, especially in the bud form, of the Lamprocapnos, a flowering plant of the poppy family, oddly resembles the conventional shape of the heart with e droplet beneath. That is why, it has been given the name, a bleeding heart. The outer petals are bright fuchsia in colour. As the flower blooms further and the outer petals open up, the inner, white parts, often called the ‘lady in a bath' become more visible. This plant is found in Siberia, northern China, Korea and Japan.


9. Parrot Flower


Parrot Flower
The Impatiens Psittacina is an amazing plant of the balsam family. The flowers are purple and carmine red in colour. When viewed from the sides, the flowers seemingly resemble a parrot in flight. British botanist and explorer, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, first noted, in a scientific description of the plant in 1901, how its bloom looks like a ‘flying cockatoo' and from then on, the name has stuck. This rare plant is found in Thailand, Burma and parts of India.

凤仙花是一种神奇的香脂植物。这些花是紫色的,胭脂是红色的。从侧面看,这些花在飞行中看起来就像一只鹦鹉。英国植物学家、探险家约瑟夫·多尔顿·胡克爵士(Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker)在1901年对该植物的科学描述中首次指出,它的花朵看起来像一只“飞行的鹦鹉”,从那以后,它的名字就被卡在了这里。这种罕见的植物分布在泰国、缅甸和印度的部分地区。

8. Ballerina Orchid


Ballerina Orchid Strange Flowers
These small plants are terrestrial spider orchids that grow singly or in groups in different parts across the island of Australia. The flowers are essentially cream in colour, with maroon markings, and their petals and sepals have dark trichromes. Together, the flower looks like a maiden in white tutus, holding a graceful ballet pose. The grazing of rabbits and kangaroos in the regions where they grow pose great threat to these orchids.


7. Duck Orchid


Flying Duck Orchid
Caleana is commonly referred to as the Duck Orchid. This is because, the labellum looks just like a flying duck with its wings raised high. The lip, in particular, looks clearly like the beak of a duck. The flower is reddish brown in colour, and in rare cases, it is greenish with dark spots, and a single leaf appears near the base of the stalk. This small terrestrial orchid is found in the Australia, from Queensland to South Australia, and