Even today, when democracy is the cry of the century, some countries still have royal families heading the state, though with considerably less political power. Unlike, in the past they, not just live luxurious lives but have to break sweat to appease their country folks who love them in return. The Kings and Queens of Europe are among the most popular ones and more than any political power, the royals are a symbol of their nations. Here we are going to list down men, women and children groomed for the purpose to sitting on the royal throne. The 10 future heirs to the European Thrones.


Note: this is in no particular order.


10. Hereditary Prince Alois (Liechtenstein)

Hereditary Prince Alois(列支敦士登)

10 Future Heirs to The European Thrones
Mostly unknown, Liechtenstein is this small country wedged between Austria and Switzerland. At $89,400, Liechtenstein has the second-highest GDP per capita. Prince Hans-Adam II, who is the current ruler has his heir, Hereditary Prince Alois run the royal office. Alois has trained as an officer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Great Britain. Since 2004 Alois has been serving as the national and international head of Liechtenstein but his official assumption of the throne is still pending. He is married to Duchess Sophie and has four kids.

列支敦士登是一个位于奥地利和瑞士之间的小国。列支敦士登的人均GDP为89,400美元,位居第二。现任统治者的汉斯-亚当二世亲王有他的继承人,世袭王子Alois执掌皇家办公室。阿洛伊斯曾在英国皇家军事学院(Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst)接受过军官培训。自2004年以来,Alois一直是列支敦士登的国家和国际首脑,但他的官方地位仍悬而未决。他嫁给了索菲公爵夫人,有四个孩子。

9. Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke (Luxembourg)


10 Future Heirs to The European Thrones
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