Randy Pausch是美国卡内基梅隆大学的计算机科学、人机交互及设计教授。2006年9月,他被诊断患有胰腺癌。2007年9月18日,他在卡内基梅隆大学做了一场风靡全美的“最后的演讲”,根据这次演讲,他出版的“The Last Lecture”一书则成为亚马逊网站上最为畅销的书籍之一。Randy教授所传达的讯息之所以如此震撼人心,是因为他以诚恳、幽默的态度去分享他独特的经验。他谈的不是死亡,而是人生中的重要议题,包括克服障碍、实现儿时梦想、帮助别人实现梦想、把握每一个时刻……
Carnegie Mellon
I opened the course to 50 undergraduates from all different departments of the university. We had actors, English majors and sculptors mixed with engineers, math majors and computer geeks. These were students whose paths might never have had reason to cross, given how autonomous the various disciplines at Carnegie Mellon could be. But we made these kids unlikely partners with each other, forcing them to do together what they couldn't do alone. There were four people per team, randomly chosen, and they remained together for projects that lasted two weeks. I'd just tell them: "Build a virtual world." And so they'd program something, dream up something, show everyone else, and then I'd reshuffle the teams, and they'd get three new playmates and start again. I had just two rules for their virtual reality worlds: No shooting violence and no pornography. I issued that decree mostly because those things have been done in computer games only about a zillion times, and I was looking for original thinking.