Kids React to pop-stars. This Episode: K-POP. What the...This look so weird. Are they like the wonder girls? Asian Rebecca black. I like the dancing. I don’t understand this at all. I’m very confused. Boys. Now the same thing with guys. What does him singing? This is more bollywood music than anything. Where do you guys find this? It’s an Asian lady gaga.They are copy lady gaga, its official. So weird. What is that? Oh, the music video detail is really good. Who is willing to watch this? Can find the right words.

小孩如何看待流行明星。这一集:韩国流行乐。怎么...好奇怪? 这是? 亚洲版的"吕贝卡布莱克"。我喜欢这舞蹈。完全不明白。很困惑。男孩们,男孩们也一个样?他在唱什么? 这个实在太宝莱坞了?你们哪儿找的这个?亚洲版的。他们在模仿,绝对的。好怪。这是什么?这个的细节好棒。谁会愿意看这个?找不到合适的语言来表达。

Question time! What did you just watch? 3 music videos. One was girls, one was boys, and one was girls. Doing this weird dance. I can not understand any words they were saying besides baby. You know what country these are all from? Japan. China. Vietnam. Korean. All of these groups are a part of called K-POP. What? They were Korean pop music. What do you think of that name, K-POP? How would you describe the way all these groups look? Kind of freaky. They look like future. They have like the swag. They all looked the same. Do any of American singers or pop stars remind you of these groups? Glee.. Sort of. Spice girls. The pussy cay dolls. Tokyo hotel. Big Time Rush. Big time rush the Disney thing. Lady gaga the last one completely.

提问时间!你刚看了什么?一个女孩们的,一个男孩们的,然后一个女孩们跳着奇怪的舞。除了那个" Baby"其余的我全听不懂。知道他们来自哪个国家吗?日本。天朝。越南。韩国。这些组合是" K-POP"风格里的一个部分。什么?叫做韩国流行音乐。你怎么看这个名称" K-POP"?你怎么描述这些组合?有点怪。看起来比较"未来"。他们比较有范儿。看起来都一样。这些组合会让你联想到美国的某位艺人或组合吗?欢乐合唱团.. 有一点。辣妹。性感小野猫。东京旅馆。迪士尼的那个,最后的那个,绝对的。

So, did you like the music? Yeah the music was good. If I listen to it too much it will probably give me headache. Presentation is definitely awesome, like I wish some people in American would do that. I wanna listen to my music that I can understand the whole time. Sometimes they also make English version of these songs, would you listen to that? Maybe. I’m gonna show the pic of these groups you've just watched, we gonna talk about it one by one. So first you saw, girls generation. Alright. That a name for cheer leading team. This strike me as like demo. They look kind of good. And there is super junior. God they are ugly... what? They dances were really cool. Who comes up with these names? They look sort like EMO. They wanting to be look like every other boy pop band that in American. Last group girls name 21NE, pronounced “twenty-one" or "to anyone". Ok that's pretty cool. They look like they were still in their PGs...They look like s sort of…Are they tried to go for 80s? I love it.

你喜欢这个音乐吗?是的,音乐很不错。听多了我估计会头疼。画面确实很棒我希望在美国也会有人做这个。我只想听我能够完全听懂的音乐。有时他们也会制作英文版的,你会去听吗?可能。给几张这些组合的照片你看,然后我们讨论一下。第一张是“少女时代”。好吧。像是个啦啦队的名字。有点像是个礼仪队。他们看上去不错。这个是"超级少年"。天,他们真丑... 什么?舞蹈很酷。谁给起的这些名字?有点像非主流。他们想像美国的那些男孩组合一样。最后一个叫2NE1 可以叫"21或者 "To everyone"。好,这个不错。她们看上去未成年。看起来有点年代的感觉。他们想要年代的感觉。我喜欢。

So all the groups. Who is your fav? Boys. The other girls. How did they find each other and decide to start a band? They were probably friends in kindergarten. Music academe. They going to street. They were like "hey do you sing?" Yea, how about us make a band! That’s be super junior. They actually put together by big company to train the groups for years before they even put out a song. To hopefully make them the next pop stars. What do you think about that? That’s horrible. That’s kind of cool, maybe I should do that. If I even like one of them, I’ll pretty much like the person that training them. They have the advantage having somebody giving them propaganda, saying "hey! These guys are awesome! Look them!" I guess you've to give up your life try to become like icons, like becoming prefect. Review makes a perfect pop star. Wait, they basically make them to be their puppies. I hope they got paid well. Bryson's Words of wisdom!!! Do you still like the music even though it was trained by a company not the artist? Yea. Good music is good music. That doesn't sound like come from a good place. That sounds like comes from money. If you gonna be a Musician or a pop star or a rap artist. You have to think of it yourself.


Would you wanna become a famous pop star if that's what you have to do to get there? Maybe. Yea, that’d be fun. Nope, whatsoever no. I’d rather be a hobo on the street.I like being a kid having a life. Why do you think these groups have some many people in them? Probably coz they wanted 10 people because they just wanted 10people.If you have people in the group, someone is gonna like at least one of them. I don’t like selena Gomez. But if Serena Gomez is in a band with Hilary Duff, Demi Lovato or Miley Cyrus. I guess there will be other people to like k-pop are become popular all around the world even here in the U.S. I hate my genenarations so much.Why can I be born in the 80s. Why do you think it can get some popular even it's not in their lagrange. I have no idea. They like the catching music videos. They like the tune. There is a lot weird people in this world. So, I’m not saying your are weird if you like it, but lots of weird people probably do like it. I can not express my rage. This is like Rebecca black 10 times. How do you think people find out about these groups that in other countries? Maybe they did a worldwide tour. Probably on the internet. Youtube it's a magical place. Are you gonna start listening to more K-POP now? Yes. More of this. No. No for the love of god! No that is a worse piece of bummernation that I ever heard. That’s going to kill society. What’s wrong with our generation. I’m serious! What makes this good.

你愿意通过这样的途径成为明星吗?可能吧。会,这很有趣。不会,怎么都不会。我宁愿上街乞讨。我还是愿意过好我自己的生活。为什么这些组合里会有这么多人?也许他们想要10人,因为他们就是要10个人。如果你组合里有个人,人们至少会喜欢里面的个人。我不喜欢赛琳娜•戈麦斯。但如果她和 “希拉里•达夫” “黛米•洛瓦托” 或者是“麦莉•赛勒斯”在一个组合里,那也就爱屋及乌了。现在全世界都很流行,在美国也是。我很恨我们这一代。为什么我不能出生在80年代。他们为什么能够那么流行?即使是语言不通。我不知道。他们喜欢朗朗上口的。喜欢这个曲子。世界上有很多奇怪的人。我不是说你喜欢这个就很奇怪,但很多奇怪的人可能会喜欢这个。我无法表达我的愤怒。这个比丽贝卡•布莱克严重10倍。你认为其他国家的人是怎么发现这个组合的?也许他们有世界巡演。估计是在网上。Youtube是个很神奇的地方。你会开始去听K-POP的音乐吗?会。更多的这个。不。不,绝对不会!这个是我听过的最具毁灭性的东西!会毁掉我们整个社会!我们这一代是怎么了?说真的!这有什么好的?

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