Undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world – Italy, represents a stunning combination of history, art, architecture, natural beauty and culinary excellence. There are just a few places that boast such a wide range of different landscapes, traditions and cultural riches, with each of its regions and cities offering visitors something completely unique.


These are 10 best places to Visit in Italy.


10. Cinque Terre


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
Comprised of five coastal towns, Cinque Terre is a stunning example of unspoilt natural beauty. A UNESCO world heritage sight with little road access, Cinque Terre offers visitors spectacular scenery and wildlife, together with excellent wine and plentiful seafood.

由五个沿海城镇组成的Cinque Terre是一个令人震惊的自然美景。作为联合国教科文组织的世界遗产之一,它几乎没有道路通行,它为游客提供了壮观的景色和野生动物,还有优质的葡萄酒和丰富的海鲜。

9. Verona

9. 维罗纳

10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
A hub of culture and opera, Verona is as charming as its better-known neighbour, Venice. Lovers flock to the balcony of Shakespeare's star-crossed heroine, Juliet Capulet, while history buffs can explore the ancient Arena di Verona, the Arco dei Gavi and the teatro romano.


8. The Amalfi Coast

8. 阿玛海岸

10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
Stretching along 30 miles of coastline, the Amalfi coast is a very popular spot for holidaymakers. The coastline offers a number of options, from the expensive but beautiful Positano, to the hilltop Ravello and the medieval town of Salerno.


7. Siena


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
Siena is a slightly less frequented but nonetheless a truly beautiful Tuscan city. With a stunning cathedral and a complex network of rustic alleys to explore, Siena is more than just the host of the world-famous Palio horse race.


6. Naples


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
A historically and culturally exciting city close to the ancient ruins of Pompeii, Naples is the third-largest city in Italy after Milan and Rome. As one of the oldest cities in the world, Naples has plenty of culture and history to sink your teeth into.


5. Milan


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
Milan is the beating heart of Italian business and is thus one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in Europe. Despite its industrial roots however, the city offers a great deal in terms of culture, architecture and gastronomy.


4. Lake Garda


Lake Garda
One of Italy's three most famous lakes, the appeal of Lake Garda lies in hopping from one quaint town to another, each of which is rich in history, scenery and gastronomy. Particularly worth a visit are Sirmione, Salò, Limone and Bardolino.

在意大利最著名的三个湖泊之一,加尔达湖的魅力在于从一个古色古香的小镇到另一个古色古香的小镇,每一个都有丰富的历史、风景和美食。特别值得参观的是Sirmione, Salo, Limone和Bardolino。

3. Venice


Venice Underwater
A must-see for any visitor to the Italian peninsula, the floating city of Venice is an architectural endeavour that will take your breath away. Best enjoyed outside of peak season, Venice's highlights include Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge and the worldrenowned singing gondaliers.


2. Florence


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
Set in the stunning Tuscan countryside, Florence is another very popular destination for art lovers across the globe. A veritable hub of culture, the city boasts some of the most famous works of art, architecture and sculpture in the world.


1. Rome


10 Best Cities to Visit in Italy
One of the most celebrated cities in the world, Rome combines modernity with ancient history in style. Pre-book a shuttle taxi to the centre and immerse yourself in the vibrancy, culture and jaw-dropping beauty of la città eterna. Must-see sites include the Coliseum, the Sistine Chapel and the many beautiful public squares and fountains.