China Daily:女性办公室舔冰棍是性骚扰


Finnish Lawyers Association

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The next time you are eating an ice lolly in the office, be warned: you could be sexually harassing your colleagues. That, at least, is the bizarre suggestion from a group of lawyers calling for new sexual harassment laws to include women who eat "too provocatively" in public. The Finnish team has even released a video showing a young female office worker sucking an ice lolly in a highly suggestive manner. Male colleagues look away awkwardly as she moans and licks the lolly in the minute-long clip. A question then appears on the screen asking: "Is this sexual harassment? We know the answer." The Finnish Lawyers Association, which represents thousands of legal experts in the country, said on its website: "We have released this video to raise a very difficult issue. Sexual harassment in the workplace can target anyone, men or women." "We fully intended to throw the cat among the pigeons and hope to stimulate debate about what is a very tricky legal area." "We also want to inform the public that if they are unsure about a complex situation they may have faced, lawyers are there to help them." An expert in European laws on sexual harassment told French newspaper France-Soir: "This video shows a woman consuming an ice cream in a totally exaggerated manner that would make any man raise his eyebrows." Across most of Europe, the law says that any gestures aimed deliberately at sexually intimidating another person are a criminal offence. This film shows it is sometimes difficult to know where to draw the line and that women as well as men can be guilty of sexual harassment.下次在办公室吃冰棍,你可要小心了:你可能会对同事构成性骚扰。 芬兰一些律师提出这条离奇的建议,他们呼吁实行新的性骚扰法,将在公众场合“挑逗性”地吃冰棍的女性也纳入性骚扰的范畴。 这些芬兰律师为此发布了一段视频,其中,一位年轻的女职员吮吸着一支冰棍,姿态很撩人。 在这段一分钟的短片中,女职员边舔冰棍,边发出吮吸声,在场的男同事们十分尴尬地把脸转过去。 随后,屏幕上出现了一个问题,“这是性骚扰吗?我们都知道答案。” 芬兰律师协会在其网站上说:“我们发布这一视频旨在提出一个十分棘手的问题,即工作场合中的所有人都可能成为性骚扰的受害者,不论男女。”该协会代表着芬兰的数千名法律专家。 “我们希望激起大家的热议,来讨论这一棘手的法律领域。” “我们也想告诉公众,如果遇到复杂的法律难题,可以向律师求助。” 一位欧盟性骚扰法律专家告诉《法国晚报》,“视频中的女子吃冰棍的样子非常夸张,这会让所有男人侧目。” “在欧洲多数国家,法律规定任何蓄意对他人造成性胁迫的挑逗姿势都属于刑事犯罪。” “从这段视频可以看出,性骚扰有时很难界定,女性和男性一样可以实施性骚扰。”