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This week's topic: Online Shopping (90-110 words)

1) Share your story of online shopping
2) What do you think of the rise of online shopping? Is it good?
3) Do you like shopping online? Why or why not ?
4) Anything you would like to write.


Now that online shopping undergoes an upsurge in popularity as a consequence of Internet acceleration. Clicking the mouse is the only thing that you need if you purchase, which is time-saving and extraordinarily convenient. Online shopping comes into vogue on the ground of several benefits. Obviously, consumers` time can be cut down meanwhile traffic jam can be avoided. Considering little pressure on stock, low management cost and business scale with slight limitation on sites, online shopping offers a good opportunity for those who start from scratch to run a business. In all, online shopping is attractive and influential to consumers, companies and the market, which can undoubtedly achieve an ideal pattern of multi-win effect.