A VISUALLY impaired man who is terrified of dogs is to get a new sense of freedom thanks to the UK's first guide HORSE.


The horse - which stands just two feet high - will even help the 23-year-old Blackburn man with household chores just like a traditional guide dog.


Mr Patel who has a degenerative eye disorder called Retinis Pigmentosa said: “I have a condition where I lost my vision and I have come across lots of people who have guide dogs.



“But I have a big phobia of dogs that I was not able to work out and it was good when I heard about horses being trained.


“I have always loved horses but it is good to see the benefits to people who are visually impaired.”


The tiny helper will be ready to move in with Mr Patel once he completes two years of intensive training.


Mr Patel told the Lancashire Telegraph: “He needs to get used to being out and about in Blackburn.


“I also think I will have to give myself an extra hour to try to get around my daily routine as people will all want to come and see it and touch it.”


Digby currently lives with owner Katy Smith at the Northallerton Equestrian Centre, who revealed there are more miniature horses being trained in the United States.