CES 2018 starts in Las Vegas on January 7 with a news conference for the media and shutters its doors on January 12. Like every other year, some of the biggest names in the technology industry, including Samsung, LG, Sony, and Google, will be in attendance. And although they haven’t yet announced their plans for the show, all signs are pointing to big announcements and groundbreaking tech.

So, what might we expect from CES 2018? Read on for our predictions:



TVs, TVs, TVs

Televisions will of course be one of the highlights of CES 2018. LG will likely showcase new organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens that come with impossibly thin designs. And Samsung could wow us with new versions of its line of televisions. Sony, Vizio, and countless other companies will also likely showcase new sets at the show. And look for them all to offer gorgeous screens, vibrant colors, and, in some cases, lofty price tags.



A Foldable Galaxy X?

Samsung won’t unveil the rumored Galaxy S9 at CES, but it could take the wraps off its long-rumored Galaxy X. That device is believed to be a foldable smartphone that will extend the smartphone’s screen to a standard size of about 5 inches to more than 7 inches. It could steal the show at CES.

可折叠的Galaxy X?

三星不会在消费电子展上公布盛传的Galaxy S9,不过他们可能会透露谣传已久的Galaxy X。这款设备或许会是可折叠的智能手机,从而能将标准的大约5英寸屏幕拓展到超过7英寸。它可能会在消费电子展上大出风头。

VR, AR, and Mixed Reality

Headsets of every variety will likely find their way to every corner at CES. We’re likely to see new advancements in virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as headsets featuring mixed reality that can combine the two. Magic Leap, a much-hyped company working on a mixed reality headset, is the company everyone will be watching.


各式各样的头戴式设备,可能会出现在消费电子展的每个角落。我们很可能看到虚拟现实和增强现实领域的新进展,以及配有结合两者的混合现实技术的头戴式设备。Magic Leap这家混合现实头戴式设备公司被宣传得天花乱坠,它会是展览上每个人关注的目标。

Bring on the Car Tech

As companies around the globe prepare for self-driving cars, many automakers will take to the CES floor to showcase their progress. Companies like Ford, GM, Mercedes-Benz, and others will be at the show, and there will likely be new concept designs and talk of autonomous car tech that will make any longtime car tech fan excited.



Compelling Wearable Tech

The wearable market is on pace to grow significantly in the next several years, according to recent research from IDC. And companies are expected to offer everything from smart clothing to a variety of smartwatches to satisfy consumer demand. Look for a slew of wearable tech concepts to be at CES.



A Boatload of PCs

Dell, HP, and Lenovo will all be taking up prominent positions at CES 2018. And that can only mean one thing: we’ll be seeing lots and lots of computers. Expect to find new design concepts and high-end machines. But also expect to see a focus on two-in-one hybrid devices that can act both as notebooks and tablets. Desktops to compete with ultra-high-end iMac Pro also seem likely.


戴尔(Dell)、惠普(HP)和联想(Lenovo)将会在2018年消费电子展上占据突出的位置。这只意味着一件事:我们会看到许多电脑。我们预计会发现新的设计概念和高端配置,不过也可能会看到他们把重点放在结合了笔记本和平板电脑功能的二合一混合式设备。与超高端iMac Pro竞争的台式机也很有可能出现。

Don’t Expect to See Apple

The biggest tech company won’t be at the biggest technology event of the year. Appleeach year blows off CES and instead focuses its time on its own product showcases. However, Apple will feature prominently at CES, with countless companies showcasing new products that in one way or another integrate with the company’s products.