In a cold winter, a couple had to move out from the luxury villa because of bankruptcy. The husband worked day and night to support the family but with no care of his wife. So she thought, “he doesn’t love me any more, he just cares his business…not me”。


One day, she began to take a bath, he stopped her at the door, “Let me take it first, okay?”


“Why not let me shower first,” she asked. “I was tired, sweetie, you take it later, okay?” She was totally depressed.


On a morose day, she found nothing to do and turned on his computer, a few words blurred her eyes…it was his diary:


Today, I was quite sad, she asked me why I was always taking the bath first, and I said to her, I was exhausted. She was unhappy, in her mind, I treated her not as well as usual, but how can I do? I was not as rich as before! We moved to the small apartment, there was only a shower in the bathroom, it was so cold to take a shower in such a freezing winter. But I found that if one person took the shower first, the room could get a little warm, so every time I rushed to the bathroom first. I was thinking that, when she took the shower, the room would get warmer, at least 1℃, 2℃ or 3℃。


Now I can’t give her comfortable life, bring her the luxury restaurant, buy expensive dresses for her, but at least, I can give her 1℃ love.