The minister at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, Li Kexin, said Friday that he had told US lawmakers that the day US Navy vessels arrive in Kaohsiung will be the day the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) unifies Taiwan by force. His remarks have triggered an uproar in Taiwan, with protests from its "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and Mainland Affairs Council.

中国驻华盛顿大使馆的部长李可欣(Li Kexin)周五表示,他曾向美国国会议员表示,美国海军军舰抵达高雄的日子将是中国人民解放军以武力统一台湾的日子。他的言论在台湾引发了轩然大波以及“外交部”和大陆事务委员会的抗议。

Obviously frightened, the Taiwan authorities' reaction indicates they care about Li's words and lack faith in their invisible movement toward Taiwan's independence.

很明显,台湾当局的反应表明他们关心李可欣(Li Kexin)的言论,缺乏对台湾独立运动的信心。

After the US Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2018 in September, which enables naval vessels of Taiwan and the US to pay mutual visits, Taiwan authorities have been both delighted and dubious about the bill.

美国国会于今年9月通过了2018财年的《国防授权法案》(National Defense授权Act),该法案允许台湾和美国的海军舰艇相互访问,但台湾当局对该法案感到高兴和怀疑。

The island under the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has become deficient of both direction and sense of security. 


The Chinese mainland has never given up the option of Taiwan reunification by force, which is clear to people across the Taiwan Straits. But Taiwan is not sure what will prompt the PLA's actions while the DPP has been deceiving Taiwanese that the island will stay safe whatever it does.


Taiwan knows so little of the mainland's Anti-Secession Law. The DPP is already approaching the boundary of the law and leading Taiwan to a wrong direction. The sustainability of the island's development remains uncertain.


Li's words have sent a warning to Taiwan and drew a clear red line. If Taiwan attempts to hold an independence referendum or other activities in pursuit of de jure "Taiwan independence," the PLA will undoubtedly take action.

李可欣(Li Kexin)的话已经向台湾发出警告,并划出一条明确的红线。如果台湾试图举行独立公投或其他活动来追求“台湾独立”,解放军无疑会采取行动。

This is the cornerstone of Beijing's policy on Taiwan that can't be shaken and also the will of the entire Chinese nation.


It shouldn't be underestimated, otherwise, Taiwan's laissez-faire attitude will allow the DPP to make fatal mistakes.


After all, the mainland's determination to prevent Taiwan from gaining independence far outweighs the DPP's and overrides the US' play of the Taiwan card. The mainland has the military strength and strategic will to defy any challenge.


Li's words are like warning bells on Taiwan authorities considering independence by a salami-slicing strategy. Taiwan is facing what Peking faced in 1949 - being encircled by mainland forces. Any move that oversteps the boundary will be in vain.

李可欣(Li Kexin)的言论就像是在警告台湾当局,他们正考虑采取一种撒盐的策略来独立。台湾正面临着1949年北京面临的问题——被大陆军队包围。任何超越边界的举动都是徒劳的。

The mainland certainly wants a peaceful reunification with Taiwan. But if Taiwan authorities brazenly defy the Anti-Secession Law, using force will be the only choice regardless of cost. 


Taiwan authorities are playing a ridiculous trick to run counter to the trend of history. They should avoid misjudging the current situation and refrain from making the worst-case scenario happen.