They say we all have seven doppelgängers living across the globe and most of us will never meet our 'twin strangers'.

But one woman, who launched a project with her friends called Twin Strangers to see who could find their closest lookalike within 28 days, was left amazed to discover a woman who looked exactly like her living just an hour away.
但是,有一名女子就惊讶地发现,真的有一个人和自己长得一模一样,而且她就住在距离自己仅一个小时路程的地方。这名女子和朋友们发起了一个叫做“孪生陌生人”(Twin Strangers)的活动,看看有谁能够在28天内找到和自己长相最相似的人。

女子网上试验找到“孪生姐妹” 妮娅姆(图右)和凯伦(图左)

After meeting lookalike Karen Branigan - and staging a photoshoot that went viral - Niamh Geaney was determined to track down her six remaining twin strangers.
和与自己长相相似的凯伦·布兰尼根(Karen Branigan)见面后——她们的合照迅速疯传——妮娅姆·吉妮(Niamh Geaney)决定将其他六位孪生陌生人找出来。

Just weeks later, the 26-year-old student and TV presenter found her second lookalike - but a little bit further away from home.

In a new video, Niamh, who hails from Dublin, journeys to Genoa, Italy, to meet Luisa Guizzardi, who is around the same age and contacted her via her website,
在一个新的视频中,出生于都柏林的妮娅姆前往意大利的热那亚(Genoa),与路易莎•圭扎尔迪(Luisa Guizzardi)见面,她俩年纪相仿,路易莎通过妮娅姆的网站twinstrangers.com与妮娅姆取得了联系。

When the women finally meet, they excitedly compare similar characteristics and facial features. 'Our movements, gestures and the way we scruffle our nose is similar, we play with our hair in the same way,' observes a shocked Niamh.

But they wanted to see how much they really could look like each other so after exchanging beauty tips, the duo staged a photoshoot - and it was pretty impressive.

  女子网上试验找到“孪生姐妹” 妮娅姆(图左)和路易莎(图右)

'Not only do we look the same, but we have the same soul,' says Luisa, who works in a hotel. 'Like soulmates.'

Niamh adds: 'I really do think I have another friend for life and god help me if I find my seven because they're never going to get rid of me.'


doppelganger: 面貌极相似的人

hail from: 出生于

duo: 二人组

(英文来源:每日邮报 译者:苏玉和SCNU 编辑:许晶晶)