A popular brand of toilet paper is under fire after releasing an emotional commercial celebrating single mothers, which some critics have said hijaks a day reserved for dads.

Father's Day is the theme of the two-and-a-half minute video by Angel Soft, which features men and women speaking directly into the camera about their childhoods.

However, instead of paying tribute to their fathers, they praise their moms who raised children alone, thanking them for taking on the dual role of being both mother and father in their children's lives.

'The video honors single moms who have to be both mom and dad. Women who have to be soft and strong at the same time. These unsung heroes take on both parental roles and balance them with grace every single day. This year let's also say #HappyFathersDayMom,' reads the clip’s description.

The ad has led to a war of words online, with some dads expressing unhappiness that a day reserved especially for them is being eclipsed, and that single moms should be given credit on Mother’s Day in May.

'You know there are single fathers that play both roles of the parent as well... You would've had a better argument if you acknowledged both,' wrote one commenter, Ivan Seahorn, on YouTube. 'There is a day called mothers day.'

Even some women have commented that Father's Day should be reserved exclusively for men: 'As women, we pick our mates. The most important choice we make is who we decide to make the father our children. Sometimes we make a bad choice but we shouldn't get a special reward for it,' another commenter, Kayla Hilyard wrote.

The video shows grown men and women tearing up as they recount growing up with moms who handled everything from putting food on the table to fixing the car.

The caption that flashes on the screen reads: 'Sometimes she had to be softer, sometimes she had to be stronger.'


However, Angel Soft said they did not mean to cause disrespect by acknowledging single and divorced mothers on Father's Day.

'We have no intention of taking the spotlight off of the amazing dads out there – rather, we just want to acknowledge and celebrate the single moms who play the roles of both parents as well,' a spokesperson wrote on YouTube.

But such well-meaning intentions are not having much effect with many vitriolic commentators: 'You acknowledged single Moms without at all acknowledging the amazing Dads. You took the spotlight off of these Dads, and I suspect it wasn't an accident. Angel Soft clearly has something against Dads, or at the very least, will pander to women at the expense of Dads everywhere. Done to women, this would rightfully be called sexism. Shame on you.'

Despite the raging arguments, one online commenter thought of a way the company can put things right in due course: 'What about single Fathers? I expect a happy mothers day dad campaign next mothers day!'

unsung: 未被赞扬的
caption: 解说词
vitriolic: 刻薄的
pander: 迎合表不满

(英文来源:每日邮报 译者:王贝贝Gxun 编辑:齐磊,许晶晶)