Many of us have turned to photo sharing on social media to exploit the opportunity to send a shameless selfie to a love interest.

But very few of us would be prepared to admit the hidden agenda in our snaps.

However, model Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has decided to address the subject head-on by revealing the secret meaning behind women's Snapchat photos.
然而,来自都柏林的23岁女模Holly Carpenter决定来点直接的,她在网络上揭示了女生发自拍的真正意义。

Holly, who was the winner of Miss Ireland in 2011 and has since enjoyed a successful modelling career, has posted a series of images on her blog, with two pictures side by side - the one on the left with the original caption, and the caption on the right explaining what women really mean.

For example in one snap the model shares a photograph of herself posing in a onesie with a dog with the caption: 'Pjs & puppy cuddles' which she reveals actually means 'look how cute I am.'



In another photo, Holly poses in a revealing vest with the caption: 'So hungover' which she then confesses in the caption on the photo on the right means: 'Cleavage game is strong here...'

Holly says that she was inspired to create the blog post after witnessing other women creating tactical Snapchats.

She told Buzzfeed that she had heard comments like: 'I'm gonna story this selfie so he knows I'm out tonight and I'm looking well' and 'I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail menu in the background so he knows where we are!'

But the model admits that she is not exempt from sending flirtatious snaps.

She continued: 'If I'm having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I'll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy, like pick up a random coffee mug and write "mmm coffee" …even though the mug is empty!'

The post has picked a lot of hits for Holly being shared almost 4,000 times on Facebook and the model says that she believes this is because most women will be able to relate.

She added: 'When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!'


love interest: 爱慕的对象

head-on: 迎面地

onesie: 连体衣

(英文来源:每日邮报 译者:FNU张逸洋 编辑:马文英)


女人晒自拍的真实意图   单身妹之夜(左),我单身哦,你听懂了吧(右)。


女人晒自拍的真实意图   泡泡浴时间(左),你在想象我的裸体了吧(右)    

女人晒自拍的真实意图   做了一顿美餐(左),我会做饭……贤妻良母有木有!(右)