The most recent update to sees a host of new words added from the worlds of politics, popular culture, and social media. You can see ten highlights from the update below.
1. autocorreck verb (of software) cause (text) to contain mistakes by means of an autocorrect or autocomplete function: “I wrote a great text to her, but ‘love’ was autocorrecked to ‘move’.”
[Blend of autocorrect and wreck]
[autocorreck是 autocorrect(自动更正)和wreck(搞砸)的合成]
2. parrotocracy noun a hypothetical society governed by people selected according to their ability to repeat slogans and soundbites mechanically, or to repeat or steal the policies and ideas of others: “Heaven help us if we end up with a parrotocracy.”
[from parrot and -cracy]
[parrotocracy由 parrot (鹦鹉)和后缀-cracy(表示政体、统治)合成]
3. reply-gall noun the perceived impudence of an individual who sends an email response to everyone addressed in the original message: “His reply-gall became infamous after he sent an 1800-word response to a company-wide announcement.”
[from reply + gall after reply-all]
[reply-gall由reply(回复)和gall(鲁莽行为)合成,灵感来自reply-all(回复全部) ]
4. Instayam noun a Thanksgiving photograph shared on social media: “Before we ate, we had to send an Instayam.”
[blend of Instagram and yam]
[Instayam是 Instagram(图片分享网站)和yam(山芋,感恩节传统食物)的结合]
5. Leo verb to achieve something after years of trying: “I feel like I’ve Leoed this morning; I finally passed my driving test.”
[from the name of Leonardo DiCaprio, with allusion to his winning the 2016 Academy Award for Best Actor after five unsuccessful nominations.]
6. fanishment noun the state of being blocked by a celebrity on social media: “Steve’s fanishment was inevitable after he tweeted at the star footballer 1000 times in a single day.”
[blend of fan and banishment]
7. Obamacar noun (humorous) a hypothetical scheme under which current President of the United States Barack Obama would provide free cars for every citizen in America: “Republican commentators cracked wise about the so-called Obamacar.”
[from Obama + car, after Obamacare]
8. otter café noun a café or similar establishment where people pay to interact with otters housed on the premises: “Locals are already excited by the prospect of the area’s first otter café.”
otter café(名词):水獭咖啡馆或类似机构,人们可以付钱与养在店里的水獭等动物进行互动。“当地的第一家水獭咖啡厅前途一片光明,大家都高兴极了。”
9. LOYO abbreviation laughing on your own (used online in reply to a joke that others have not found amusing): “A better joke next time, please. LOYO.”
10. social fleedia noun a situation in which one or more social media users choose to close their accounts: “Commentators are seeing a huge rise in millennials encouraging social fleedia.”
social fleedia(名词):社交逃避行为,表现为社交媒体用户选择关闭其社交账户。“评论人员注意到,社交逃避行为在千禧一代之中日渐频繁。”
hypothetical: 假设的,假定的
soundbite: 一小段话,摘录
impudence: 冒失,无礼
millennials: 千禧一代