少儿英语圣经故事23:Story of Joshua约书亚的故事(7)


The walls of Jericho had fallen flat! The soldiers of Israel did immediately what Joshua had instructed. With swords flashing, they ran straight into the city and destroyed everything 
耶利哥的城墙倒塌了!按照约书亚事先吩咐好的, 以色列人马上挥舞着刀剑, 冲进城去。他们要按照神的吩咐, 毁灭城里的一切。

Do you remember the only people they saved alive?That's right, Rahab and her family. Do you remember what four things the soldiers were to bring out of the city for the Lord?The gold, silver, brass, and iron. What were they to take for themselves? Nothing! Every soldier had heard Joshua give God's commandment:"Jericho is accursed. If you take anything from that city for yourself, you will also be accursed."
你还记得谁能够活着出来吗?对, 就是喇合和她的家人。那你还记得还有哪四件东西以色列人要从城里带出来, 归给神吗?金, 银, 铜和铁。那他们能为自己留些什么东西呢?什么也不能留。约书亚已经把神的命令告诉每一个以色列的士兵:"耶利哥是一个被诅咒的城, 如果你从城里拿什么留给自己, 你也成为被诅咒的。"

Yes, every soldier had heard that severe instruction, including a soldier named Achan.But when Achan began to go into the homes in Jericho and see all those nice things, oh, how could he burn up all those nice clothes! He looked at a beautiful, expensive Babylonian robe. No one would ever know, he thought to himself, so he rolled it up and hid it under his clothes. So much gold and silver in the nicer homes! Oh, he would be sure to give MOST of it to the Lord. But who would ever find out if he kept some of it for himself!
每一个以色列的士兵都听到了这个严厉的吩咐, 其中也有一个叫亚干的人。当亚干进到耶利哥城里, 见到人家里摆的各种漂亮装饰, 衣服, 昂贵的巴比伦袍子, 他的眼睛都发直了。他想, 如果我拿一件衣裳, 没有人会知道的。他很快地把袍子卷起来, 藏在他的衣服下面。他又看见好多金子, 银子!他当然要把大部份都献给神。

Achan quickly found a way to hide a lot of silver and a big wedge of gold for himself. All of this was done so quickly, no one noticed. Or did they?Soon Jericho was destroyed to nothing but a burning heap. The soldiers of Israel returned to camp. Achan hurried to his tent. He quickly dug a hole in the dirt floor of his tent and buried all his treasures. Now, they were safely hidden from every eye!
可是, 他从这么多中取一点点, 又有谁会注意到呢?亚干飞快地藏了一大把银子和一大块金子。他干得干净利落, 没有人注意到。可是, 真的没有人注意吗?

Were they really hidden?No, for the Bible says in Proverbs 15:3 ?The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good." Achan knew the Lord's commandment. He also knew a lot about the Lord. But Achan still chose to sin. Do you think He's going to get into trouble?If you know the Lord Jesus as your Savior from sin, remember:Sin ALWAYS causes trouble for you! Even as God's child, you are constantly tempted to sin. Remember those 3 enemies we talked about from our last lesson?They were 1) the world people or things that draw us away from God, 2)the flesh our own desires to do wrong, and 3)the devil God's enemy who is working to get us to sin.
小朋友们, 这些东西真的是隐藏的吗?不!圣经在箴言15章3节说:"耶和华的眼目, 无处不在, 恶人善人, 他都鉴察。"亚干知道神的吩咐, 他也知道很多关于神的事。但他仍然选择去犯罪。你觉得他会不会有麻烦呢?如果你相信主耶稣是你的救主, 把你从罪中拯救出来, 记住:"罪总是给你带来麻烦!"甚至作为神的孩子, 我们也常常被试探去犯罪。记得我们以前讲到我们有三个敌人:世界, 肉体, 和魔鬼。世界是那些要把我们从神的身边拉走的人或事。肉体是我们因为自己的欲望而做错事。魔鬼总是在找机会引诱我们犯罪。

 As God's child you daily face these 3 enemies. Because Jesus lives in you, you have the power to win over those enemies! Ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" and then ask Jesus for His help to win over that sin! If you give in, you will find out the sad truth that sin ALWAYS causes trouble for you! There is no sin hidden from the eyes of the Lord, and He warns us that it will bring trouble. Achan's sin was not hidden from the Lord, and just as God had warned, Achan was in serious trouble!
作为一个相信耶稣的人, 每一天, 你都要与三个敌人在打仗。因为耶稣住在你的里面, 你就有能力去战胜这些敌人。问问你自己:"耶稣会怎么做?"然后请求耶稣来帮助你战胜罪。但如果你向罪屈服, 你将会发现一个令人悲哀的事实:"罪总是给你带来麻烦。"没有罪能够逃过主耶稣的眼睛, 他警告我们罪会给我们带来麻烦。亚干的罪也逃不过神的眼睛, 正象神所警告的, 亚干这下有大麻烦了!

Did Achan's family know about this secret sin?We don't know, but for sure, no one was telling. Joshua and the rest of the army were excitedly looking ahead to the NEXT battle. Joshua 7:2 says, "And Joshua sent men from Jericho to Ai and spoke to them, Go up and view the country." The men were back with a pleasing report:"Oh, it's just a small city. We won't even need but about 2 or 3, 000 soldiers. This is going to be easy!"
亚干的家人知不知道亚干的秘密呢?这个我们不知道。不过, 以色列营中并没有人谈论这件事。约书亚和以色列军队正非常兴奋地准备下一场争战。约书亚记7章2节说:"约书亚从耶利哥打发人往艾城去, 吩咐他们说:"你们上去窥探那地。"探子带回好消息:"那是一个小城。只要二三千人上去, 就能攻取艾城, 很容易!"

So Joshua sent 3, 000 men. But things did NOT go as they expected! Joshua soon received the shocking news that his army was terrified, and his soldiers were being chased like scared rabbits by the men of Ai. Thirty-six Israeli soldiers had been killed!
约书亚"了三千"去, 但?"瓣ㄨ野L们想象的那么顺利。约书亚很快收到令人震惊的消息:以色列士兵象受惊的兔子一样被艾城的人追杀, 艾城的人击杀了他们三十六个人!

What was happening!! When Joshua and the elders of Israel received this report, they tore their clothes and fell on their faces to the earth before the ark of the LORD. They were so shocked and confused, they remained on their faces before the LORD til evening.
这是怎么回事呢?约书亚便撕裂衣服, 他和以色列的长老把灰撒在头上, 在神的约柜前俯伏在地。他们又震惊, 又迷惑, 他们在神的约柜前俯伏, 直到晚上。

What had caused all this trouble?Wasn't God supposed to be helping them?After all God did at Jericho, why did He suddenly leave them so powerless?Joshua prayed as if he were blaming God:"O Lord God, why did you bring us across the Jordan River?Was it to let these Amorites destroy us?" what can I say when Israel turns their backs before their enemies!
什么引起了这些麻烦呢?神不是要帮助他们吗?神在耶利哥城使他们取得了那么大的胜利, 为什么现在又使他们如此软弱呢?约书亚在神面前祷告, 他在埋怨神:"主耶和华啊, 你为什么竟领这百姓过约旦河, 将我们交在亚摩利人的手中, 使我们灭亡呢?我们不如住在约旦河那边倒好。主啊, 以色列人既在仇敌面前转背逃跑, 我还有什么可说的呢?

All the people of this land are going to hear about this, and then they will destroy us, and then what about Your great name?" Joshua knew everyone in Canaan was trembling for fear of the God of Israel until now. But after this little town Ai had beaten Israel so easily, the people of Canaan would change their mind about God's power.Joshua did not understand what had happened, but our all-knowing God understood!
迦南人和这地一切的居民听见了, 就必围困我们, 将我们的名从地上除灭。那时, 你为你的大名要怎样行呢?"约书亚知道迦南一切的居民都听见神所行的, 他们都害怕以色列的神。可是现在, 一个小小的艾城就轻松地击败了以色列人, 迦南人会怎么想呢?他们会不会就不再惧怕以色列的神了呢?约书亚不明白所发生的事, 但全知的神却明白一切!"约书亚, "神说,

 "Joshua, " God said, "Get up, why are you lying on your face?The reason Israel could not stand before their enemies is because they have sinned. I commanded them not to take of the accursed things of Jericho, but my commandment has been broken. They have not only taken accursed things, but hidden them. That is why you had no power against your enemies." God was angry and said, "I will not be with you anymore unless you destroy those who are accursed because they took of the accursed things."
"起来!你为何这样俯伏在地呢?以色列人之所以在仇敌面前站立不住, 是因为他们犯了罪。我吩咐他们不能从耶利哥拿被诅咒的东西, 他们违背了我所吩咐他们的约, 取了当灭的物, 又行诡诈, 又把那当灭东西藏在他们自己家里。因此, 以色列人在仇敌面前站立不住。"神很生气, 他又说:"他们在仇敌面前转背逃跑, 是因成了被咒诅的, 你们若不把当灭的物从你们中间除掉, 我就不再与你们同在了。"

Does God get angry, boys and girls?Yes, many times the Bible speaks of the wrath or anger of the Lord. The God Who created you and all things is holy, perfectly pure and sinless. And God is the Judge of all the earth Who says sin must be punished. How?By being separated from God forever. So who is going to escape punishment, when EVERYONE has sinned?Romans 3:23 says ?All have sinned."I am so glad to remind you of another wonderful thing about God. He LOVES you!
小朋友们, 神会生气吗?是的, 圣经里许多地方提到神的怒气。创造我们的神是圣洁, 完美的, 神从不犯罪。而且神要审判这个世界, 神说罪一定要受到惩罚。那个惩罚就是与神永远的分离。人人都犯了罪, 谁能逃脱对罪的惩罚呢?罗马书3章23节说:"因为世人都犯了罪。"这里我要告诉你另外一个关于神的事情:神爱你!

Because of His great love for you, God sent Someone to take our punishment for sin. Romans 5:8 says, "But God commended (or proved) his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." You could put your name where it says ?us." Christ Jesus, God's perfect Son, died on the cross for your sin, was buried, came alive the 3rd day, and now is in Heaven. Although everyone has sinned, God's Word says those who believe in Jesus will escape the everlasting punishment for sin." John 3 :36 says, ?"
因为神对你的爱, 他派一个人来承担对罪的惩罚。罗马书5章8节说:"惟有基督在我们还作罪人的时候为我们死, 神的爱就在此向我们显明了。"耶稣基督是神完美的儿子, 他没有犯过罪, 但他为我们的罪死在十字架上, 被埋葬, 第三天复活, 现在他就在天上。虽然, 人人都犯了罪, 但神的话说:那些相信耶稣的人就逃脱了对罪的永远惩罚。约翰福音3章36节说:

 he that believes not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath (or anger) of God abides (stays) on him." Yes, boys and girls, God does get angry about sin."
信子的人有永生;不信子的人得不着永生, 神的震怒常在他身上。"是的, 小朋友们, 神的发怒是因为人的罪。

The sin of taking the accursed thing had caused 36 Israeli soldiers to lose their lives that day at Ai. But God told Joshua what to do about that sin. And early the next morning, Commander Joshua set about following God's instructions. He called all 12 tribes of Israel together. Tribe by tribe they passed before him. We don't know exactly how God showed Joshua, but it was made known that the sin was in the tribe of Judah.
拿了不该拿的东西使36个以色列人在艾城失去了性命。但神告诉了约书亚怎样做。第二天一早, 约书亚就按照神的吩咐, 叫了十二个支派的人来。一个一个从他面前经过。我们不知道神怎样指示约书亚, 但他们查出罪是从犹大支派出来的。

Then they narrowed down to which family it was then which household then which man. A very shamefaced soldier named Achan now stood before Joshua and all of Israel.
然后他们又从宗族查到家室, 最后是个人。现在, 满脸羞愧的亚干站在约书亚和以色列人面前。他被查出来了。

He had been found out! Joshua said, "My son, please, give glory to the LORD God of Israel, and confess to him. Tell me what you have done, and don't hide anything from me." Achan knew his sin had found him out. He confessed:"Indeed I have sinned against the LORD God of Israel. I saw, I coveted, I took a beautiful robe, silver, and gold. They are right now buried in the ground in the middle of my tent." Joshua immediately sent men to look. 。
约书亚说:"我儿, 我劝你将荣耀归给耶和华以色列的神, 在他面前膂b罪, 将你所做的事告诉我, 不要向我隐瞒。"亚干知道他的罪已经显露出来, 就说:"我实在得罪了耶和华以色列的神。我看见一件漂亮衣服, 银子, 和金子, 我就贪爱这些东西, 便拿去了。现今藏在我帐棚内的地里。"约书亚马上派人去找。

As everyone stood there waiting for the evidence, can you imagine how Achan must have felt'surely he could sense that terrible trouble lay ahead. Achan knew his sin was about to cause terrible trouble for him.
当所有的人站在那里等待的时候, 你能想象亚干的心情吗?当然他感觉到他有大麻烦了。

The men returned to Joshua with the stolen items, and they were laid out so all Israel could see. Joshua then carried out the Lord's instructions. This is so dreadful, I wish we didn't have to tell it, but boys and girls, we must tell the whole truth from God's Word.
去找的人把亚干偷的东西带回来, 放在以色列人面前。然后, 约书亚要按神的吩咐来执行。我真希望我不要讲到这里, 因为太可怕了, 可是我们必须把神的话语完完全全地讲出来。

Achan, his entire family, and everything he had, including the accursed things, were brought to a valley. Let's read again God's warning to Israel before this awful thing happened:Joshua 6:18 ?" keep yourselves from the accursed thing, to keep yourselves from being accursed, and so that you do not make the camp of Israel a curse and trouble it." Achan had not listened and he had caused a curse and trouble on Israel. 36 innocent men had lost their lives because of his sin.
亚干和他的一家, 以及他所有的, 连同他偷来的东西, 都被带到一个山谷里去。慢着, 让我们再说一遍神是怎样警告以色列人的:约书亚记6章18节, 神说:"至于你们, 务要谨慎, 不可取那当灭的物, 恐怕你们取了那当灭的物, 就连累以色列的全营, 使全营受咒诅。"亚干没有听神的话, 使诅咒和麻烦临到以色列人。36个无辜的人因此失去了性命。

Joshua spoke his last words to Achan:"Why have you troubled us?The Lord will trouble you this day." Then Achan and his family were stoned to death. Just as God had instructed that Jericho be burned with fire, so Achan, his family, and all that he had were burned with fire.
约书亚对亚干说:"你为什么连累我们呢?今日耶和华必叫你受连累。"于是, 以色列众人用石头打死他和他的家人, 将石头扔在其上, 又用火焚烧他所有的, 就像他们在耶利哥城做的一样。

The people piled a great heap of stones over them as a reminder of this terrible event. They called the place, The valley of Achor, meaning the valley of Trouble.Then God spoke encouraging words to Joshua:"don't be afraid! Take all your soldiers and go up now! I have given Ai into your hands!" Sure enough, as Israel obeyed the Lord, the people of Ai were completely destroyed.
众人在亚干身上堆成一大堆石头来作纪念。他们管那个地方叫亚割谷, "亚割"的意思就是连累。神对约书亚说:"不要害怕, 带你的士兵现在上去, 我已经把艾城交到你们手里。"当以色列人听了神的吩咐, 他们彻底打败了艾城。

This time God told them to keep for themselves anything they wanted out of the city of Ai.Just think, Achan could have had silver, gold, and beautiful robes and more if he had obeyed the Lord. Sin robs us of so many good things the LORD wants to give us. Remember, sin always causes trouble for you!
这次神告诉他们, 城中的牲畜和财, 以色列人都可以取为自己的掠物。让我们想一想, 如果亚干听了神的话, 他现在就可以堂堂正正地拿他喜欢衣服, 金子, 银子, 甚至更多的东西。罪使我们失去了很多神给我们的祝福。小朋友们, 要记住, 罪总是要给我们带来麻烦。