2014 saw Melbourne win the best city in the world title for the second time! It’s no wonder, then, that Melbourne makes an incredible lasting impression, and has an array of locations that are nothing less than perfect for a date. Here are 6 of my personal favourites:


The Langham Hotel – Melba Restaurant

Named after Melbourne's world famous opera performer – Dame Nellie Melba, who in her time enjoyed a long and well-deserved reputation for tasteful performances - dining at the Melba Restaurant is sure to be a memorable experience.
这家餐厅以墨尔本的世界著名歌剧演员-Dame Nellie Melba之名命名,正如Melba女士当年精彩绝伦的表演为她赢得了名副其实的荣誉,在Melba餐馆进餐也绝对会是一次难忘的体验。

The restaurant itself is situated within Melbourne’s Langham Hotel – so take this opportunity to treat your date and yourself to royalty! Overlooking the Melbourne’s south bank and pristine waters – at first glance – you’d be truly delighted to spend the duration of your date just looking out at the gorgeous view together. But how can we forget that the Langham hotel offers one of the most lavish and extravagant buffets ever? This buffet will have you forgetting what hunger feels for days after.

With the menu theme alternating every so often, the menu is never repetitive and always more innovative and delicious than the previous. But key features of the Langham buffet include: an array of dynamic cooking stations with Melbourne’s finest chefs cooking your food right before your very eyes, some of the best fresh seafood stalls and a floating dessert bar with a huge variety of the most delectable desserts.

Peninsula Hot Springs

The Peninsula Hot Springs is the only natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria. Indulge yourself in the natural thermal mineral waters that flow into the pools and private baths. These hot springs will make the most perfect backdrop for a day packed with relaxation and rejuvenation and is only a 90-minute drive from Melbourne.

The Private Bath Pavilions make the perfect romantic date. The pavilions are surrounded by a large sliding window that will allow you and your date to immerse yourselves in the beautiful native scenery outside. The intimate lighting creates beautiful shadows, and will leave you and your date submerged in the most tranquil and unique atmosphere.

Having already won two World Luxury Spa awards, where better to spend a peaceful and relaxing date?

Drive-in cinemas

In 1954, the first drive-in cinema opened in Melbourne. Though Australia previously boasted more than 300 drive-in theatres across the nation, over the years, many have had to be demolished to provide space for other developments – mainly houses. In Melbourne, there are now three drive-in theatres. Perhaps it’s the rarity of these throwback cinemas that makes Melbournians adore them.

Scheduling a suitable day with friends, going to the cinema, buying a movie ticket and then the movie snacks can often be tedious.You might be stressed and frantic all the way up until you seat yourself in the movie cinema. But why go into all that trouble just to watch a movie? With a drive-in theatre – you can do all of the above easily from you car seat.

After you buy a movie ticket, simply find a good position to park your car, tune your car radio to the respective movie dial, cosy up to your date and watch the movie. And with a drive-in theatre, you’ll never have to worry about noisy moviegoers disturbing your movie session. With a drive-in cinema, you’ll feel like you and your date have a private cinema all to yourselves!

A private movie, in the peace and cosiness of your own car surely makes a very intimate and romantic date.

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley holds an enviable reputation as one of the world's spectacular food and wine regions. With wineries, cafes and restaurants, art galleries and markets – just to name a few – Yarra Valley is home to a multitude of attractions that are scattered throughout the region. With stunning mountain views, a pristine environment and heaps of activities to do, this is a must visit region.

Whether it is a wine tasting tour, a scenic walk throughout the beautiful landscape, or a quiet read overlooking the valleys and mountains of the region – any activity executed in Yarra Valley is sure to be romantic and memorable.

And if you’re looking for more than a day trip, Yarra Valley has a large range of stunning locations that will make you want to stay in there for ever. Whether you are after 5 star luxury resort accommodation or a secluded, private guesthouse, the Valley has something for you and your date.

Melbourne Star

The Melbourne Star is a giant Ferris wheel located in Melbourne’s Docklands precinct. Located in the heart of the city, the Star is one of the easiest tourist attractions to reach and to enjoy.

This is a great way to spend the day with a special someone, celebrate an anniversary of sorts or quite simply take in the breath-taking views of Melbourne. You’ve never really seen the city until you’ve seen it from the top of a 120-metre observation wheel, after all!

Though the views from anywhere are stunning when the night sky is alight with the bright city shining, nothing can do it justice quite like this enormous ride.

Tramcar Restaurant

The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is one of Melbourne's star attractions. It offers a sightseeing tour with a difference, and consists of two essential Melbourne experiences: taking a tram ride and eating great food.

The vehicle's name fits well, considering that the interior of the tram will take you back into the past! Enjoy a romantic dinner for two in with this unique experience. With a choice of lunch or dinner options, this tramcar is sure to be a memorable event for whenever.

The beautiful city views that you will journey past are sure to impress your date. With your own maître d', and silver service waiters at your beck and call – this tramcar experience will fall nothing short of amazing.