11 Recently the rise in / phenomenon of /problem of / question of ... has drawn /aroused public / popular / grave / world-wideattention / caused /aroused wide / general /considerable / international concern / arisen/loomed up /cropped up as controversial /asnoteworthy/more distinctly for settlement

11.1 Recently, the alarm about the problem of theuse of genetic technologies on human beings havecaused wide public concern, and understandably so.With nuclear energy threatening globalcatastrophe and with so many other technological advances visibly damaging the quality oflife, who would wish to have scientists tampering with man's inner nature? Indeed, fear of suchmanipulation may amuse even more anxiety than fear of death.


11.2 Recently psychologists have found only about two percent of adults use their creativity,compared with ten percent of seven-year-old children. When five-year-olds were tested, theresult soared to ninety percent! The findings set off many people thinking. Curiosity andoriginality are daily occurrences for the small child, but somehow most of us lose the freedomand flexibility of the child as we grow older. The need to follow "directions" and "do-it-right",plus the many societal constraints we put on ourselves, prevent us from using our creativepotential.