Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of unisexual schools. (男女分校的利与弊)

Boy schools and girl schools shoot up very rapidly both in foreign countries and at home. In China, girl schools have enjoyed a very long history since one hundred years ago. Many sociologists and educationalists present their views on this issue from different angles. In this essay, I will zero in on the advantages and disadvantages of the controversial phenomenon. (60 words)

Some parents prefer to send their children to boy schools or girl schools in the hope that their children can concentrate on study and acquire adequate knowledge and skills because unisexual schools can make out appropriate curriculum and courses for students according to their sexual characteristics. In some girl schools, students have a wider choice of courses such as dancing, music, embroidery and drawing, which can cultivate their feminine elegance and charm. Furthermore, students can devote themselves fully to their study and will not be distracted. Campus love affairs are very common in the current society under the influence of media. Boy schools and girl schools can eradicate contact between different sexes and purify the campus environment. (117 words)

Of course, some experts point out that boy schools and girl schools are not beneficial to the adolescent development of students. They believe that boys or girls are likely to develop their abilities and stimulate their imagination when they are studying with the opposite sexes. Besides, students can cultivate their interpersonal skills. Some other people think that separating boys from girls can cause some psychological problems to youngsters. Meanwhile, this separation affects social progress and lead to sexism. Investigation shows that graduates from unisexual schools are not aware how to get along with their colleagues in their career. (98 words)

To sum up, everything has double folds. Unisexual schools are of no exception. From my point of view, I think the existence of unisexual schools meets the need of some parents. But it is definitely not a paradise for their children. (316 words totally)。。。