Get ready to start hearing "adorkable" a lot more often.


Collins English Dictionary held a Twitter contest to determine a new word being added to its dictionary, and the "New Girl" Season 1 poster tagline was the one to make the cut. "Adorkable" is officially a new word -- at least, according to Collins English Dictionary.

柯林斯英语词典举行了一场推特竞赛并决定将一个新单词正式纳入其中,而这个“脱颖而出”的新词就是美剧《杰西驾到》(New Girl)第一季的海报宣传词“Adorkable”。现在,“Adorkable”至少已经被柯林斯英语词典正式宣布成为一个新的英语单词了。

It was FOX executive VP of marketing and communications Shannon Ryan who made the suggestion for "adorkable" to be used for "New Girl," and so she's the one Fox Networks Group CEO Peter Rice credits with making it stick. The Hollywood Reporter reveals Rice broke the dictionary news to Ryan with an e-mail headline that read: "Adorkable is a real word now and it's all your fault."

这件事情的成行其实还要归功于福克斯(FOX)市场营销与交流部的执行总监香农·瑞恩(Shannon Ryan),正是她建议将“adorkable”用于《杰西驾到》中,她也正因促成该单词被接受而得到了福克斯娱乐集团(Fox Networks Group)首席执行官皮特·赖斯(Peter Rice)的肯定。美国娱乐杂志《好莱坞报道》(The Hollywood Reporter)还披露了两人之间的一封邮件。文中赖斯向瑞恩透露单词已经被词典正式承认,而邮件的题目则有点儿意思:“Adorkable真成单词了,这都是你的错。”

The official dictionary definition of "adorkable" reads: "Socially inept or unfashionable in a charming or endearing way." Ryan is also the woman who came up with "celebutante," so we're excited/dreading to find out what word she'll come up with next.

柯林斯词典对“adorkable”的正式定义是:“同时完全兼具‘呆傻’(dorky)和‘可爱’(adorable)两种特征,用来形容木讷却十分可爱、非常具有吸引力的人。”。瑞恩同样还创造了单词“celebutante”(公主帮,意指那些每天打扮得漂漂亮亮地出入各种社交场合,频频出现在媒体镜头之前的富家女。) ,不知道她创造的下一个单词是会让我们兴奋呢,还是担忧。