A. 分隔:句子中对主干进行修饰或补充的成分
定语从句:that 同位语:that who “,” 插入语:“,” 分词结构:分词 不定式结构:to 介词短语:介词
B. 粘连:由分号或冒号分开的上下句结构(大粘连)和一个句子内部的直接简单重复(小粘连);大粘连:直接同义重复:并列、因果关系词
双重否定与肯定句重复:(1)A;not 非A (2)A;It’s wrong/foolish/presumptuous to say 非A
主动句与被动句重复:is the result of is the outgrowth of is the product of A B;B by A
逆否命题重复:A B;非B 非 A(无被动句标志词)
比较句重复:to the same degree/extent as…as more/less -er better than
手段目的句重复:by for in terms of
时间对比句重复:once formerly initial pristine erstwhile hereto hitherto now future before recent begin start create until no longer previous
比喻句重复:like as
小粘连:and but rather than even as…as so…as to
A. 并列关系:并列 递进 条件因果 分号、冒号、破折号
并列:and also or just as similarly correspondingly in the same way indeed accordingly
因果:derive from lead to due to because cause since for therefore thus hence in that so…that so…as to as a result result in result from accordingly consequently give rise to
B. 让步、转折:even though although even…though while whereas but yet however nevertheless notwithstanding despite in spite of in contrast to on the contrary on the other hand far from rather than whatever otherwise ironically illogically paradoxically curiously surprisingly unfortunately although…, remain/continue(两次转折,— + —)
C. 作者的正、反态度:态度语气词;在没有中心词时,特别要注意靠空格的正、反态度来解题
D. 强烈对比:时间强对比 人物强对比对象强对比(句子叙述对象的转移)
E. 照应:人称代词:it 指示代词:such this that those these 定冠词:the
F. 主体词:主体动词:continue remain shift from…to oscillate between…and turn…into reconcile…and… 人物身份名词 特征人物的特征性质或特征动作