I. Recruitment
  Ex: How to ensure that the best candidate for a post is selected.
  How to organise an effective recruitment drive.
  ○1 Hiring a new employee is an investment. Getting a niche person for a niche role will add value to an organization. Organization can never be sure that they have selected the right person until he or she starts working, but an efficient recruitment and selection process can reduce the risk.
  ○2 Produce an accurate job description, a list of skills, experience, attitudes and so on.
  ○3 Choose the best recruitment method: internal recruitment, job advertisements, recruitment agencies and headhunting/executive search.
  ○4 A shortlist of candidates will then be draw up to be put through the company’s recruitment processes, usually interviews. This will produce the ideal candidate.
  ○5 Negotiate terms with this candidate. It should be both affordable for the company and attractive enough to get the ideal candidate.
  II. Motivation
  Ex: How to achieve and maintain high motivation among a workforce.
  The importance to a company of having well motivated staffs.
  ○1 Well motivated staffs can add value to the company. They are enthusiastic, creative and loyal. They increase the productivity and quality.
  ○2 Spiritual motivation.
  A. Give employees guidance when they are just recruited.
  B. Demonstrate a commitment to career development and promotion from within.
  C. Forster a sense of team spirit.
  D. Publicly recognize and congratulate employees for good work.
  ○3 Material motivation.
  A. Set incentive schemes: profit sharing, bonus scheme.
  B. Fringe benefits: company car, contribution to pension/health scheme, relation allowance.
  C. Establish the incentive-based compensation system.