Product Package
  Ex: The importance of packaging products appropriately
  ○1 Traditionally, the purpose of packaging a product is to protect the product or to make it convenient for carrying, as some products are liquid or sticky.
  ○2 Today, the package add value to the product, especially to the consumer goods. The package is the product’s first impression to the customer. They may judge the quality of the product by its package and decide whether to buy it or not. Sometimes, a gorgeous package is a symbol of identity, especially when the product serves as a gift or present.
  ○3 You have to packaging your products appropriately so that your products can stand out from the crowd and be bought by the customers.
  III. Diversification
  Ex: The importance of product diversification to the success of a business.
  这时你可能对product diversification并不是很熟悉,可以举一些案例,比如, the case of coca-cola: despite of its regular cola, it produce diet cola for people who get diabetes or adiposity problems. 然后借以说明product diversification的作用。
  ○1 Meet the needs of different customers.
  ○2 Increase the company’s market shares/market penetration.
  ○3 Marketing segmentation: the division of potential buyers according to age, sex, lifestyle, etc with the aim of designing and promoting goods and services to meet their specific need.(此定义引自《牛津英汉双解商务英语辞典》,我认为很不错的一本商务英语词典,每个词汇都有在商务方面的中英两种解释和例句)