accentuate   [Ak5sentjueit] v. 重读, 强调(to stress or emphasize; intensify)

(记)ac(加强)+cent(=cant唱,说)+uate→重读;参考:accent 重音

access    [5Akses]  n. 通路(passage),入口  vt. 接近

accessible  [Ek5sesIbl]  adj. 易接近的;可理解的(easy to approach;obtainable)

(类)cache·hidden=summit·inaccessible   隐藏处是隐藏的=顶点是难以达到的(正面特征)

(反)abstruse ◆ accessible/ patent   深奥的 ◆ 容易理解的/ 明显的

(记)来自access (通路,入门)cess(走)参考:success,process

accessory  [Ek5sesErI]  adj.附属的(additional object;useful but not essential thing)

(反)accessory ◆ of primarily importance   附属的 ◆ 主要的

(记)刚入门(access)一般都要当下属。参考:process 过程

(例)accessory of a bicycle 自行车的附件

accidental  [AksI5dentEl]  adj. 意外的,偶然的(occurring unexpectedly or by chance)



【注】effect:something that inevitably follows an antecedent 必然结果

(反)safeguard·accident=hedge·loss   安全装置·事故=篱笆·丢失(防止关系)

intentional·accidental=arrogant·humble   故意的·意外的=傲慢的·谦逊的(反义)

(记)cid(落下)→意外的   联想:苹果落下是意外的,但牛顿从中发现必然的规律。

参考:incident(事件,事变)  deciduous(每年落叶的)

acclaim   [ E5kleim ]  n/v. 称赞,欢呼(to praise enthusiastically and often publicly)


(派)acclaimed adj.  受欢迎的

acclimate  [E`klaImIt]  vt. 使适应气候环境(to adapt to a new climate, environment)                            

(反)acclimate ◆ make unfamiliar with   使适应 ◆ 使不熟悉

(记)ac+climate(气候) 联想:适应气候、环境

acclivity [ E5kliviti ]  n. 向上的斜坡(an upward slope, as of a hill)

accolade  [5AkEleId]  n. 推崇备至,赞扬(an expression of praise)

(反)accolade ◆ cutting remark / speak ill/ derogate   称赞 ◆ 苛评/ 挑毛病/ 贬损

accolade ◆ criticism/ excoriate /disapprobation  赞扬 ◆ 批评/ 严厉的责难/ 不赞成

accolade ◆ reprobate/ reproof /denigration   极力赞扬 ◆ 斥责/ 谴责/ 毁誉

accolade ◆ swearword / denunciation / castigation   极力赞扬 ◆ 咒骂/ 谴责/ 斥责

(记)cola 联想可乐,可乐产品在全球得到赞誉

(例)The play received accolades from the press. 这部戏受到报纸的称赞。

accommodate  [E5kRmEdeIt]  v. 提供方便(to provide with something desired as a helpful service)

(类)obliterate·remove=accommodate·supply   删除·除去=提供方便·供给(同义)

(记)参考:commodity  n.日用品,商品(用来提供生活上的方便)

accomodating  adj. 能够通融的,乐于助人的

accompany   [E5kQmpEni]  vt. 陪伴, 伴奏

accomplice   [E5kCmplis]   n.同谋,帮凶(one associated with another especially in wrongdoing)

accomplish   [E5kCmpliF]   vt. 完成, 实现(to succeed in doing; bring to pass)

(记)参考:accomplished 娴熟的;有造诣的:毫无疑问的;不容置疑的

accord   [ E5kC:d ]  vt.使符合,使一致(to cause to conform or agree; bring into harmony)n.一致

(记)参考:in accord with  和…一致

accost  [E`kCst]  vt. 问候,致意(greet, hail, salute)大胆靠近(to approach boldly or in a challenging

or sometimes a defensive manner)

(类)accost·approach =importune·request  大胆靠近·接近=不断要求强求·要求


(例)We were accosted by a beggar who demanded money.


accountability  n. 有责任,有义务

(记)来自account 帐目,说明

accret  [A`kri:t]  v. 逐渐增长(to make larger or greater, as by increased growth)




(反)accrete ◆ wear away   渐增 ◆ 销蚀

accretion ◆ reduction in substance caused by erosion   渐增 ◆ 因腐蚀减少

accrue    [ E5kru: ] vi.自然增加, 产生

accumulate  [E5kju:mjJleIt]  vi. 积聚,堆积(to gather or pile up especially little by little;amass)

(反)dissipate ◆ accumulate   消散,浪费 ◆ 积累

accurate  [5Akjurit] adj. 正确的, 精确的

accuse  [ E5kju:z ] v. 谴责,指责(to charge with a shortcoming or an erro)