Measuring performance 评估绩效


company performance 公司绩效

performance evaluation 绩效评估

annual report 年度报告

pre-tax profits 税前利润

supermarket chain 连锁超市

breakdown 无亏损

volatile 可变化的,不稳定的

graph 图表

bar-chart 拄形图

annual report 年度报告

strike action 罢工行动

exchange rate 汇率

disposal 出售

deliver 实现

balance sheet 资产负债表

cash management 现金管理

net cash 净现金收入

exceptional items 非常项目

operating margins经营利润

cost-cutting measures 降低成本的措施

resource efficiency programme 资源增效计划

sales volume 销售量

trading volume 贸易额

turnover 营业额

restructure 结构重组

asset 资产

streamline 使…有效率

cash surplus 现金盈余

organizational changes 公司结构变化

cost-cutting measures 降低成本的措施

transformation programme 改革

PLC: public limited company 的缩写

Net profit 净利润

Earnings per share 每股收益

Dividend per share 每股分红

Speaking 口语练习

what information is used to measure the performance of a company? Where you can find this information?



the company is committed to a performance management culture 公司致力于绩效管理文化

performance evaluation 绩效评估

performance appraisal system 绩效评估体系

track performance of the company 跟踪公司的绩效

a new benchmark suite 一套新饿(评估)标准

standardized benchmarks to measure the performance of the company 用规范的标准来评估公司的绩效

the company’s annual report 公司的年度报告

the company’s data put into charts and graphs 用图表显示公司数据

key performance indications include: profits, turnover, share price, sales volume, dividend, etc.


1. 关于股票跌涨的常用表达有:

shoot up 猛涨

shares peak at 股价达到高点

the price collapses 股价崩盘

the price falls/goes down 股票下跌

shares recover 股价回升

go into steady decline 股价稳步下跌

share price is marginally up 股价微升

share are up slightly by 1.3 pence 股票上升1.3便士

Annual reports 年度报告

Speaking: which company has the best results? Which has the worst?



The company with the best results is C. Company B made steady progress only. Companies A and D both had disappointing years. For D, trading profit fell by 7%; however, as the company was able to spend £ 4.8 on an acquisition, we assume profits were still reasonable. On the other hand, A made losses that were only almost balanced by gains from cost savings. Therefore, A seems to have the worst results.