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新东方英语900句 Lesson 8:Age

2006-07-27 09:07:44

点击此处下载音频Lesson Eight AgeCore Sentences 1. Can I ask how old you are?2. Guess how old I am?3. I say you are about twenty.4. I just t...

新东方英语900句 Lesson 7: Appearance

2006-07-27 09:07:19

点击此处下载音频Lesson Seven AppearanceCore Sentences1. What does Sandy look like?2. She has big blue eyes and brown hair.3. What is Philli...

新东方英语900句 Lesson 6:Identify People

2006-07-27 09:07:19

点击此处下载音频Lesson Six Identify PeopleCore Sentences1. Who are you?2. I am Sally, a new secretary with your firm.3. You are the English...

新东方英语900句 Lesson 5:Describing Objects

2006-07-27 09:06:15

点击此处下载音频Lesson Five Describing ObjectsCore Sentences1. What color is your phonebook?2. The book has a red cover.3. What kind of com...

新东方英语900句 Lesson 4:Identify Objects

2006-07-27 09:05:12

点击此处下载音频Lesson Four Identify ObjectsCore Sentences1. What is this?2. It's a cocktakl.3. Pardon?4. It's a mixed alcoholic drink.5....

新东方英语900句 Lesson 3:Introduction

2006-07-27 09:03:07

点击此处下载音频Lesson Three IntroductionCore Sentences1. Good evening, Ladies and Gentalman. Welcome to Dennis' birthday party, nice havi...

新东方英语900句 Lesson:1

2006-07-27 09:01:10

点击此处下载音频Lesson One GreetingsCore Sentences1. Good morning Mrs. Brown. How are your doing?2. I am doing well, thank you. And you?3. ...

新东方英语900句 Lesson 2:What is your name

2006-07-27 09:02:01

点击此处下载音频Core Sentences1. What is your name?2. My name is Alexander, Smith. Just call me Alex.3. Is Lee your first name? 4. It is my...


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2006-05-26 19:41:33

【新东方大学英语六级阅读视频Flash下载】  马上要过四六级了,刚才来看了看好像没有人发,抢个头彩吧。之前别人发的是01年的,这个是03年的,还有最近的真...

新东方背诵文选 语音版

2006-08-01 17:52:38

(2006-04-20 00:56:52)01 The Language of Music (2006-04-20 00:56:52)02 Schooling and Education (2006-04-20 00:56:50)03 The Definition of "Pri...


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